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With 17 Km of beaches, alternating dunes covered with ancient junipers, sandy beaches, rocks, Aragonese watchtower and seafaring boroughs, Ostuni offers a wide choice of beaches able to satisfy even the most demanding. The coast of Ostuni, along with its countless beaches and pristine coves, will allow you to experience a spectacular holiday from every point of view. An advice we can give you is to book well in advance because these beaches are always sought after in the summer months. The municipal administration of Ostuni has identified 2 public bau beaches where our 4-legged friends are allowed. This beach is not far from the holiday apartment Ostuni Palazzo Rodio, while staying in the building you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Puglia and in the evening take a walk or participate in the events that the city of Ostuni has to offer.

Lido Morelli (8 km from Ostuni)
Lido Morelli is located in the northern part of the coast of the municipality of Ostuni. It is a long beach, about 2 kilometers of fine sand framed by dunes and a beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. Located in the north about 8 kilometers from Ostuni has been declared a natural regional reserve and as in almost all of Puglia is bathed by one of the most limpid sea in Italy. This area has also been declared by the European Community an area of international importance.

Lido Monticelli (8 km from Ostuni)
Monticelli is an inlet overlooking the cobalt sea. On its left are the ruins of a walled village belonging to the Bronze Age. The beach of Monticelli is one of the most famous of the marina of Ostuni being formed by a stretch of fine sand. There are also stretches of rocks and low cliffs covered with vegetation that descend sloping down towards the crystalline sea. Its depths are not very low and therefore the beach is recommended for those who are an expert swimmer.

Rosa Marina (8 km from Ostuni)
Rosa Marina is a coastal village deprived of white houses scattered over a vast territory. The village extends over a vast area with about 2500 houses, paths with lots of green until you reach a beach made up of fine white sand. Along this part of the coast there are beautiful beaches accessible from the coast, both from the beach of Pilone, located in the north, and from that of Quarto di Monte, located south of the village. This part of the coast is included in the protected area of the Coastal Dunes Nature Reserve.

Quarto di Monte (8 km from Ostuni)
Quarto di Monte is a small and charming beach, not far from the port of Villanova, accessible by taking a small road from the village of Monticelli. It is a beach well known by locals, because during the warm summer evenings there is a night bar for pleasant evenings near the beach.

Pilone (6 km from Ostuni)
At Pilone you will find many exceptional locations to admire the dunes covered with ancient junipers and the Mediterranean vegetation dominated by the Aragonese Tower. Depending on your wishes, you can consider choosing hard sand beaches or rocky beaches. Here you will also find long walks and a perfect crystal clear sea diving.

Costa Merlata (9 km from Ostuni)
Costa Merlata is so named for the extremely jagged coastline, shaped like a ‘blackbird’, with the sea creeping between the ravines of a rocky coastline forming singular and intimate sandy coves surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. A larger beach is located where the homonymous village of Costa Merlata is located with services and a beach bar.

Gorgognolo (11 km from Ostuni)
The area of Gorgognolo is the ideal place for those who love the sea and want to walk among the rocks, savoring the scent of wild rosemary. In this area there are many small inlets characterized by a wild landscape. A free beach dedicated to those who want to admire only unspoiled nature.

Lido Bosco Verde (8 km from Ostuni)
Lido Bosco Verde is another rather famous area characterized by a long beach hidden by high dunes covered by the Mediterranean vegetation. In this case, you will find a place equipped and perfect for kitesurf enthusiasts.

Torre Pozzella (9 km from Ostuni)
Torre Pozzella consists of several small inlets protected by rocks and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. It is a wild and untouched area of enchanting beauty. The area is so called for the presence of a tower built in the sixteenth century and called by the local population “torre sgarrata”, in an area full of numerous wells of rainwater.

Torre Guaceto (20 km from Ostuni)
TTorre Guaceto is an area protected by the WWF, a bit far from normal routes but it is certainly a lovely area with a series of bays with fine beach that you can not miss to see. The nature reserve of Torre Guaceto is a protected area located between Ostuni and Brindisi, within the municipalities of Carovigno and Brindisi itself. It is a nature reserve of particular beauty and importance. Inside it there are, in fact, different habitats and landscapes among which: a marine reserve with both rocky and sandy bottoms; a wet and marshy area, inhabited by amphibians and birds; sandy dunes; long sandy beaches. Wetlands, fed by pools of brackish water, are an important feature of this reserve. Along the coast there are sandy expanses with dunes that have formed over time thanks to the action of the wind. The place is so named for the presence of a tower, part of a series of towers existing along the coast, built in the sixteenth century by the Aragonese. The natural area is divided into three zones that correspond to different types of protection and specific natural characteristics. The most important area, zone A, is fully protected where excursions are possible only by authorization. The other two areas, B and C, are partially protected. In Torre Guaceto it is possible to make excursions that allow you to discover the territory: Trekking: Walk lasting 3 hours along a path of low and medium difficulty. Also available for easier excursions for children and non-experts. Only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Cycling: This cycling tour lasts 3 hours along a fixed path. Bikes can be rented on site. Available on Tuesdays and Sundays. Sea watching / snorkeling: Sea watching / snorkeling excursions allow you to dive, with masks and fins, to admire the protected seabed. It is an activity accessible to all and lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes, including preparation period. Everything you need can be rented on site and is available from June to September.

The ban on bringing dogs to the sea is a nightmare for those who love animals and have a furry friend. The municipal administration of Ostuni has identified 2 public bau beaches where our 4-legged friends are allowed. Located a short distance from each other, the first is located in Torre Pozzella and is the fourth cove after the Tower in the direction of Bari, the other is in Costa Merlata, in the third cove after Camping “Costa Merlata”, in the direction of Bari. Access to the bau beach is free, it is free beaches, where the only cost is that of parking in Torre Pozzelle if you opt for the pay area near the fourth cove. If, however, you do not want to pay any ticket, there is another free parking area near the entrance to Torre Pozzella, from where you can walk to the dog friendly beach walking for about 10/15 minutes. In addition to these 2 “free dog” beaches identified by the Municipality of Ostuni, in Puglia there are two other beaches equipped for dogs, and equipped with every comfort and service not only for tourists, but also for Fido. This is Lido Santos in Savelletri (Fasano, BR) where dogs can swim from morning to evening, they can access everywhere, including the restaurant offering Apulian cuisine and the bar. Veterinary assistance, grooming and washing is available. Santos Baubeach is a happy island for all: hairy guests come in for free, you pay 10 euros a day for entry but is included in the price the parking, the umbrella and the bed. Moving to the province of Lecce, there is another sister beach: the Soleluna bau beach in San Cataldo (Le) along the Adriatic coast..