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Apulia between art, nature and history

Apulia is a region to visit twelve months a year, surrounded by two seas and a natural crossroads where sea and land, east and west meet. It is a combination of history, art and culture, passion and spirituality, taste and tradition from the enormous historical, artistic and landscape heritage of the territory but also from eno-gastronomic, artistic and entrepreneurial excellence integrated in the history and tradition of this region.

“PugliaExperience” is a project that was born to propose a special, original and quality experiential tourism. A tourism specifically designed to make people live unique experiences, to discover how much beauty Puglia has to offer in trips that lead to the discovery of nature and rural food and wine traditions, art, history and culture of a region that makes every moment a pleasure to experience. “PugliaExperience” offers authentic journeys to discover the history and the deep, true and sunny essence of Puglia. It is the discovery of olive growing, viticulture, the most ancient archaeological routes, more hidden even in the most famous places. A knowledge shared and narrated by expert tour guides and by those who live these experiences every day. The proposed tourist packages will be an experience that will lead you to be protagonists, reporters, directors, commentators, bloggers, not a passive path, but a real interaction between hosts, territory, history, nature and guests.

The vine, the wine, the art
The consumption of wine has been accompanying the life of man since ancient times: for its symbolic, aggregating and festive power, it has always been considered one of the most precious gifts of the Gods. Apulia has indissolubly linked part of its culture to the vine and the production of wine. Today, to speak of “Apulian wine” means to speak of “quality wine”, taste and passion, the result of a very ancient tradition that over the years has been able to change and evolve to enhance its characteristics, flavours and aromas.

From olive tree to oil
Have you ever wanted to spend a holiday among the majestic trees of the Plain of the ancient Olive Trees of Ostuni? Learning to recognise the characteristics of the different types of oil and how to recognise EVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Taking part in the olive harvest and learning how to produce oil in an oil mill? A holiday that becomes an emotion, learning by activating the 5 senses: looking, touching, smelling, tasting, feeling. A unique experience: the magic of the Secular Olives of the Plain of Ostuni and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Frederician Castles and romanesque Cathedrals
Amidst enchanting villages and breathtaking landscapes, the majestic Frederick II castles dominate the Apulian landscape and the imposing Romanesque cathedrals rise towards the sky. Puglia, land of towers and castles, all imposing and mostly the artistic expression of the genius loci that was Frederick II, Puer Apuliae. A surprising journey in search of the architecture of Frederick’s castles, in places where nature was once luxuriant and allowed the much-loved falconry, which intersects in a meditative and spiritual journey during which it is impossible not to be enchanted by the spectacular Romanesque cathedrals in white stone that blaze at sunset.

The underground treasures: the rupestrian Apulia
Apulia is a land inhabited since prehistoric times and where, over time, the various expressions of the civilizations that followed over the centuries have settled. Villages-crottos, churches-crottos, shops-crottos, oil-mills-crottos belong to the civil, religious and artistic history of this region. The rocky paths, suggestive and unusual, reveal the treasures of underground Apulia hidden in the ravines of the soil.

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